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Egg in a bottle

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Egg in a bottle

About this science experiment

This experiment involves an open flame and requires adult supervision. Never use matches without adult permission and supervision.

In this experiment we're going to learn about atmospheric pressure. It might seem crazy to think that we can fit an egg into a bottle like the one shown in the picture, but we will soon see that by creating an area of low pressure in the bottle, our atmosphere will do the rest.


  • A hard boiled egg
  • A match
  • A wide-mouthed bottle


  1. If it's not already peeled, remove the shell from your hard-boiled egg

  2. Do not go any further without adult permission and supervision. With egg ready, light a match and drop it into the bottom of the bottle. It's important that the match stays lit for a few seconds to heat up the air in the bottle.

  3. Immediately after the match goes out, place the egg on the mouth of the bottle.

  4. Observe the egg as it gets sucked into the bottle. What’s happening here?

Analysis and Conclusion

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