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  • A Bowl
  • 5 mL Active Dry Yeast
  • 100 mL Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A Thermometer
  • A Spoon


  1. Place the bowl into a sink or an area that can afford to get a little messy.

  2. With adult permission and supervision, pour the hydrogen peroxide and yeast into the bowl. Immediately measure the temperature of the solution with the thermometer and record the temperature and the time (with seconds) in your notes.

  3. Stir the solution briefly with the spoon and observe. If there are any changes occurring, what do you think they are?

  4. Measure the temperature of the solution every 10 seconds or so and record the time and temperatures in your notes. If you know how, try making a scatter plot of the results. What seems to be happening to the temperature over time?

Analysis and Conclusion

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