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  • 500 mL Purified Water Bottle
  • A Bowl
  • Ice


  1. Unfortunately, we have to start with a bit of waiting. Place the sealed water bottle into the freezer and wait for about an hour. Try your best not to move it too much or shake it after it's been in the freezer for some time, and don't forget about your bottle! If you leave it in too long it will simply freeze solid.

  2. After the hour is (finally) up, take out your bowl and place an ice cube at the bottom of it. The frozen water molecules that make up the ice will act as seed crystals to help turn the supercooled water into ice.

  3. Again, trying hard not to shake it, carefully take the bottle out of the freezer. At this point, the water inside it will be supercooled. Open the bottle and begin to pour it slowly over the ice cube in the bowl, and check out what's happening.

Analysis and Conclusion

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