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Make an Electromagnet

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Make an Electromagnet

About this Science Experiment

Electromagnets are special types of magnets that are powered by electricity and can be easily turned on and off. In this experiment, we're going to create our very own electromagnets and use them to pick up paper clips.

IMPORTANT: If the battery starts to feel warm, immediately disconnect the wires. Never leave your electromagnet connected while it is unattended.



  1. Ask an adult to help you strip 2-3cm of insulation off both ends of the wire.

  2. Leaving about 20cm extra on both ends and trying your best not to make overlaps, wrap the wire around the nail in a neat spiral. (The more wraps you make, the stronger your magnet will be!)

  3. Tape one of the ends to the positive '+' side of the battery and the other to the negative '-' side. You've just created an electromagnet!

  4. Experiment with your electromagnet by picking up paper clips. How many can you pick up? What happens if you remove some of the wire wrappings? What if you add some more?

Analysis and Conclusion

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