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Strawberries really aren't berries at all. They're actually a part of the strawberry plant's stem that has thickened, and are technically called receptacles.


Onions don't actually make people sad... When cut into, an onion releases a gas called "propanethiol s-oxide" that bugs our eyes.


Cooking is actually a chemical reaction. When heated, proteins unfold and tangle (a process called denaturation) with themselves and other proteins, forming new chemical bonds.


Bananas are radioactive––well, they contain potassium (K), which undergoes radioactive decay. But don't worry, you'd need to eat ten million of them in a single sitting to get sick.


There are around 2,000 different plant types that humans grow as food.


The sweet potato isn't actually a potato at all. Sweet potatoes are a root, while potatoes are tubers.


Think lemons are sour? Believe it or not, they actually have 30% more sugar than strawberries.


According to a study by the British Cheese board, regularly eating different types of cheese before bed may affect how we sleep: the study participants who ate Stilton had super weird dreams!

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