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Papa's Pizzeria Thumbnail

Papa's Pizzeria

Flipline Studios

You're stuck running Papa's wildly popular pizza parlor—and thing are about to get messy! Take customers' orders, select from and add many different toppings, bake your pizzas in the oven, and serve your creations to hungry customers. Work fast and smart to make Papa Louie proud and keep your customers happy!

How to Play

Follow the in-game instructions.

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On 17 January 2023, Mintycrypt said,
marty is my husband 4ever
On 27 September 2022, Alex said,
@Roostermonkey, did you clear your browser cookies? That'll do it :/
On 24 September 2022, Roostermonkey said,
bffr i just lost my progress
On 21 September 2022, Rencleven said,
Hey there goofy goobers
On 13 May 2022, Alex said,
I'm sorry, random internet user :( Hopefully one day you will understand!
On 16 June 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
i don't get it

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