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The end of Flash? Not so fast!

Did you know? Experimonkey is a contributor to Ruffle, the world's first Flash games emulator. If you're having trouble playing your game, click the button below to see if it's playable with Ruffle (may not work with all games).

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We're trying to get some mobile games up and running, but unfortunately our flash games don't work on phone or tablet. How about some hilarious science jokes instead?

The World's Hardest Game

Strategize, execute, and overcome! In these action puzzlers, you'll be in charge of steering your red square through level after level or blue dots and red zones. Your goal is really quite simple: avoid the blue dots and navigate yourself from one green zone to another. That's it, that's all that is expected of you... sounds simple does it not? And don't forget to check out the sequel, the World's Hardest Game 2!

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to move your red square up, down, left, and right.


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