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Electricity Quiz

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Electricity Quiz

Question #1

What does the 'A' in AC stand for?

Question #2

What does the 'D' in DC stand for?

Question #3

True or false: the band ACDC gets its name from the two terms above.

Question #4

With what units is electrical current measured?

Question #5

Conductive materials are materials that have...

Question #6

What device is used to measure electrical current?

Question #7

Which country obtains 100% of its electrical energy from renewable resources?

Question #8

Electrical current is created by the flow of which subatomic particles?

Question #9

Batteries transform what kind of energy into electrical energy?

Question #10

What is the term for a path through which an electrical current flows?

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The Apollo Guidance Computer (ACG), which helped U.S. astronauts reach the moon in 1969, had 64kB of memory and a CPU speed of 43kHz. This is millions of times less powerful than today's average smartphone.

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