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The Human Body Quiz

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The Human Body Quiz

Question #1

What is the name for the largest part of the human brain?

Question #2

What is the colored part of the human eye called?

Question #3

What is the shape of DNA?

Question #4

What are the bones in your spine called?

Question #5

What is the human body's largest organ?

Question #6

How many bones does an adult have?

Question #7

How many bones are we born with?

Question #8

What are the lower chambers of the heart called?

Question #9

What the name for the calf bone?

Question #10

How many muscles do we use to smile?

Question #11

About how long does an eyelash last?

Question #12

Where in the human body is the alveoli?

Question #13

In what part of the body is the smallest bone found?

Question #14

About how much does an adult brain weigh?

Question #15

What kind of joint is your knee?

Question #16

What are hair fibers made out of?

Question #17

About how many scents can your nose remember?

Question #18

At about what age does the brain stop growing?

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The human body contains enough carbon to fill about 9,000 pencils.