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Animals Quiz

Animals Quiz

Question #1

What is the tallest species of land animal in the world?

Question #2

About how long do wild mice live?

Question #3

Which species of big cat is the largest?

Question #4

What are baby goats called?

Question #5

What is the fastest animal in the world? (Hint: think carefully!)

Question #6

Which primates are the largest in the world?

Question #7

Frogs are...

Question #8

Which is the biggest animal on earth?

Question #9

About how long have crocodiles existed?

Question #10

Which land animal has the longest average lifespan at 150 years?

Question #11

Which animal can sleep for up to three entire years?

Question #12

What is a group of lions known as?

Question #13

What color(s) is an ocelot?

Question #14

What is the scientific name for a tiger?

Question #15

Which animal has human-like fingerprints?

Question #16

How many noses do slugs have?

Question #17

How long do sloths take to digest their food, on average?

Question #18

Out of these four snakes, which is venemous?

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