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Cats Quiz

Cats Quiz

Question #1

True or false: all cats are born with blue eyes.

Question #2

According to the International Cat Association, how many cat breeds are there, worldwide?

Question #3

Dogs can make about 10 different sounds. How many can cats make?

Question #4

Cats from which breed have the longest fur?

Question #5

Abraham Lincoln was a big cat guy. Can you guess how many he had in the White House during his presidency?

Question #6

What do you call a group of cats?

Question #9

About how fast can a cat run?

Question #10

About how many hours do cats spend sleeping per day?

Question #11

Approximately how many years ago was the first African wildcat tamed by humans?

Question #12

What behavior did cats develop just to interact with humans?

Question #13

Cats have a have a genetic deficiency in their taste buds that prevents them from tasting one of the basic flavors. Which is it?

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