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aeiffert, 11/19/2018
Binary: How Do Computers Talk?

You might've heard somewhere that computers only understand 1s and 0s. And believe it or not, this is true! Everyt... more

Science Journal for Kids, 10/11/2018
How Do Pesticides Get into Honey?

Honey is nature’s sweetest gift. But did you know that honey may contain pesticides? Farmers use pesticid... more

Science Journal for Kids, 10/11/2018
When Did Bison Arrive in North America?

Did you know that the North American bison (aka American buffalo) was once an immigrant? Its ancestors migrated f... more

Science Journal for Kids, 10/11/2018
Where Does Australia's Wildlife Hide?

People often think that endangered plants and animals are tucked away in a protected park somewhere in the wilderne... more

Science Journal for Kids, 10/2/2018
How Do Dogs Make Trouble for Wildlife in the Andes?

What do pets and wild animals have in common? Some pets - like dogs, for instance - can easily turn back into wil... more

aeiffert, 9/8/2018
SI Units

If you've looked at some of the experiments or facts on Experimonkey, you may have noticed that we don't use some... more

aeiffert, 9/7/2018
Why is Recycling Important?

If you've ever seen a landfill, it shouldn't come as a surprise that humans make a huge amount of garbage. Sadly, t... more

aeiffert, 9/6/2018
The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is the name given to the steps we take when we want to investigate something. It helps... more


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Bees were once taught by scientists to count up to four, and were even later shown to understand zero.