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You're trying to play Jump Puzzle with Ruffle, which might not yet fully support your game. Ruffle is an Adobe Flash emulator, designed keep Flash games playable after browsers disable support for Flash in 2021. Ruffle is still in Beta/development mode. If your game isn't working in Ruffle mode yet, keep checking in, and in the meantime, try one of these working Ruffle games:

Oops... Looks like you're on mobile or flash is not enabled

We're trying to get some mobile games up and running, but unfortunately our flash games don't work on phone or tablet. How about some hilarious science jokes instead?

Jump Puzzle

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Jump as many marbles as you can to remove them from the board.

How to Play

Follow the in-game instructions.


On 19 November 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"what am i supposed to do?"
On 25 September 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"i dont understand"

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