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For Experimonkey Parents, Guardians, and Teachers

  • The Experimonkey Mission

    Experimonkey is dedicated to the goal of making science and learning exciting for kids (ages 8-108). We strongly believe that an exposure to science and scientific thought at a young age can inspire profound curiosity that remains for life. Furthermore, Experimonkey is strongly committed to encouraging environmentally friendly practices and safe behaviors starting from an early age.

  • Experimonkey's Commitment to Giving Back

    Experimonkey contains minimal advertisement from Google ads on some of our pages as a source of revenue. Because we believe it is important to give back, Experimonkey pledges 5% of all profit from these advertisements to charitable causes. All Experimonkey users can participate in the monthly poll to have a say in which charity receives this donation.

  • Experimonkey's Content and Your Child's Safety

    A significant amount of content on Experimonkey is submitted by users. This makes Experimonkey a great place to share ideas and to learn from others. We recognize, however, that this makes Experimonkey potentially succeptible to malicious use. That is why, before anything is posted publicly on our website, it is carefully reviewed by an administrator.

  • Games, Videos, and Other Entertainment

    Games, videos, and other forms of entertainment on this site are typically created by 3rd parties and are selected and reviewed by Experimonkey for educational value and age appropriateness. Some media may contain external links or images.