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Last updated 15 May 2023


We know rules aren't always fun, but hey, these are meant for the grown-ups. These rules are here to help them make the most out of Experimonkey. Before you start exploring, make sure to show these rules to your parent or guardian. That way, everyone can be happy and ready for some exciting experiments!


Welcome, grownups! We understand that rules can sometimes be a bit dull, but they are essential. These rules, also known as our "Terms of Use," outline how to use the Experimonkey website effectively. They define your rights and responsibilities, as well as ours.

Before allowing your child to use Experimonkey, please take the time to read these terms. It's important that you explain to your child how these terms will apply when they visit the site. In fact, even if you're just interested in exploring the site yourself (which we totally get!), we recommend giving them a read.

Onto business

This page details the Terms of Use for Experimonkey.com (Henceforth, "this Website"). Your use of this Website constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not visit or use content from this Website. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply to some services, and these Terms of Use are subject to change at any time. Please contact us here if you have any questions.

Changes to this website

In our sole discretion and without prior notice, we may discontinue, modify, or alter any aspect of this Website and suspend, discontinue, delete, modify, or remove any content or functionality offered by this Website.

This website's content

While this Website monitors every aspect of this site closely, it is possible (though unlikely), that users may encounter material considered not to be age appropriate. This might include soft violence in a game (i.e. a missile/shooting game) or an external link or advertisement, either of which may have been missed by our screening process. Should this happen, we ask that you immediately report the page by clicking on the red exclamation point located in the bottom-right corner of each page. By using this Website, you agree to not hold accountable any of this Website's developers, employees, etc. for any such content.

License to Experimonkey

By posting comments, experiments, facts, jokes, uploading files, or providing any other materials to this Website, you are representing that you are the owner of this content or that you have the owner's express permission to redistribute it. By providing this content, you are granting this Website a royalty-free, non-exclusive, unrestricted, perpetual license to use, copy, or otherwise redistribute it.

Acceptable use

You must not:

Account use and registration

You may register for an account with this Website by submitting the registration form located here and verifying your email address by clicking the link that is sent to that address.

You must:

Login credentials

When registering for an account with this Website, you will be asked and must provide a valid email address in your possession as well as a secure password that meets this Website's minimum password requirements. You are responsible for any activity on our website that arises through failure to protect your login credentials, and may be held liable for any damages arising through such a failure.

You must:

Account cancellations and suspensions and sitewide bans

We may, for any reason, suspend, close, cancel, or edit your account (or its details). We may also ban your machine from accessing this website if we detect fraudulent or malicious use from your IP address or for any other reason, at our discretion. If you would like to voluntarily cancel or close your account, you can contact us with this form.


In addition to the above, you must comply with the following terms:

Limited warranties

We do not warrant or represent the completeness or accuracy of the information published on this Website; that all material is up to date; or that this Website or its services will remain available.

Exclusions of liability

To the extent that this Website and its services are provided free of charge, we will not be liable for loss or damage of any nature (including but not limited to any business losses, any loss or corruption of data, any indirect or consequential losses or damages, etc.). By using this Website, you agree to not bring any claim against any of this Website's developers, employees, etc., in respect to any losses that you suffer in connection with this Website or its Terms of Use.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold any of this Website's developers, employees, etc. harmless from and against any claims, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising or related to your use of this Website or violation of any of these Terms of Use.

Severability clause

If any provision of these Terms of Use is determined by any court to be unlawful or unenforceable, the other provisions shall continue in effect. Furthermore, if any portion of some provision is determined by any court to be unlawful or unenforceable, said part will be nullified, with the rest of the provision remaining in effect.

Privacy policy

Please review our Privacy Policy which is incorporated into these Terms of Use. By visiting or using this Website, you also consent to our Privacy Policy.