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Sprout Beans in a Bag

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Sprout Beans in a Bag

About this Science Experiment

In this experiment, we'll take a closer look at how plants begin to grow from their seeds. This process, called germination, starts when good environmental conditions tell a seed to leave its dormant stage and start sprouting.



  1. Dampen the paper towel with the water, just enough so that the paper towel isn't dripping.

  2. Place the paper towel inside the bag and put the bean on top so that it can be seen clearly through the side of the bag.

  3. Place the bag in a warm, sunny area and observe it periodically throughout the next few days.

  4. Each time you observe your bean, check to make sure that the paper towel is still damp. It's also a good idea to sketch your bean plant each day so that you can compare its growth to each other day.

Analysis and Conclusion

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