By Aeiffert, 3/22/2018


Squishy Egg

Squishy Egg



  1. Place your raw egg inside a container. The sides of the container must be taller than the egg itself.

  2. Pour enough vinegar in the container to completely cover the egg.

  3. Now, the hard part... be patient! You may have to wait up to a day for the shell to disappear. Look for bubbles coming up through the vinegar.

  4. Bonus section! Very carefully, empty all of the vinegar out of the container (you can touch the egg, just don

  5. Pour enough purified water over the egg to completely cover it.

  6. Let your egg sit again for about a day, and then observe what's happened to it. What do you notice?

Analysis and Conclusion

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8/15/2018 andrea: "can I eat the egg after the experiment?"

8/15/2018 aeiffert: "@andrea, no, definitely not! Yuck!"

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