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We're trying to get some mobile games up and running, but unfortunately our flash games don't work on phone or tablet. How about some hilarious science jokes instead?

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Blob Wars


Join the world's most whimsical conflict in Blob Wars, a game where the objective is to dominate the board by outmaneuvering and converting opponent blobs. Choose between spawning additional blobs into an adjacent spaces or making a strategic leap to a square one space away. Execute a move and watch as any neighboring enemy blobs transform into friendly ones, expanding your blob army.

The path to victory is through numerical superiority; become the player with the most blobs when the board is full. In the event of a standstill where no moves are possible, pass the turn, but beware, as empty spaces will be claimed by the opposition. Engage in this playful battle for supremacy and emerge as the grand master of blob conversion.

How to Play

Use your the left mouse button to select a blob, which then gets highlighted, revealing possible moves on green tiles. Click on one of the possible moves to move your blob.

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