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Pumpkin Facts for Kids

Pumpkin Facts for Kids

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What Exactly is a Pumpkin?

A pumpkin is a type of winter squash that is typically smooth, a shade or orange or yellow, and thick-skinned. Pumpkins are grown for numerous culinary uses, including in savory and sweet dishes, as well as to make pumpkin seen oil, and also for decoration, primarily during fall. Jack-o'-lantern carving is an especially popular activity in both the United States and Canada in which pumpkins are hollowed out and designs are made by cutting out pieces of the thick skin.

Weirdly Wonderful Pumpkin Facts for Kids

  • Every part of the pumpkin is edible.

    You might have had the opportunity to snack on some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds after carving your jack-o'-lantern, but we bet you didn't know you can also eat the skin, leaves, flowers, and even the stem!

  • Approximately 50 million pumpkin pies are eaten in the USA on Thanksgiving Day.

    Pumpkin pie is by far the most popular dessert for the US holiday of Thanksgiving. According to the survey website, YouGov.com, 35% of respondents voted pumpkin pie as their favorite, followed by a not-so-close 16% for pecan pie and 11% for apple pie. That's a whole lot of pumpkins!

  • Giant pumpkins can grow heavier than a whopping 1,000 kg.

    While technically a different cultivar, or species, than the pumpkins that are typically eaten or used as jack-o'-lanterns, giant pumpkins, or Cucurbita maxima, lack the gene responsible for stopping fruit growth, resulting in completely uncontrolled growth of up to 23 kg a day! Giant pumpkins, which are 96% water, can grow so large, they commonly collapse under their own weight. The world record pumpkin was grown in 2021 in Italy and came in at an astonishing 1,226 kg.

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