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Saturn Facts for Kids

Saturn Facts for Kids

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The Sixth Planet

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the solar system.

Saturn Quick Facts

Saturn Earth
Type of Planet Gas Giant Terrestrial
Moons Titan and 61 known others The Moon
Rings Rings of Saturn None
Mass 5.685 × 1026 kg 5.972 × 1024 kg
Volume 8.271 × 1014 km3 1,083,000,000,000 km3
Closest Distance to Sun 1,354,000,000 km 147,100,000 km
Furthest Distance from Sun 1,513,000,000 km 152,100,000 km
Average Orbital Speed 34,900 kph 107,200 kph

Weirdly Wonderful Saturn Facts for Kids

  • Atmospheric pressure is so strong on Saturn that some scientists think up to 1 million kg of diamonds may fall as precipitation there each year.

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