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Above Average Guy

Chris Jeff

Imagine an ordinary evening, lounging in front of the TV, when out of the blue, a whirlwind adventure swoops in! In Above Average Guy, you're unexpectedly whisked away from your living room comfort, through your roof, and straight to Japan. Before you can even process the shock, you find yourself thrust into the heart of a quirky Japanese game show, where the unexpected is the norm and every move counts.

This isn't just any game show; it's a challenge-packed journey across 43 puzzles, each designed to test your wit and creativity. "Above Average Guy" beckons you to step into the shoes of a contestant who must prove their mettle by being more than just average. Navigate through a series of inventive and often whimsical puzzles, where logic, quick thinking, and a dash of humor are your best tools for success.

Each puzzle in "Above Average Guy" is a unique blend of Japanese game show eccentricity and brain-teasing fun. The game's charm lies in its blend of the familiar and the surreal, challenging players to adapt and think outside the box. Are you ready to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be above average? Leap into this zany adventure and let the games begin!

How to Play

Use the arrow or WASD to move left, right, jump, or duck.

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