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3 Pandas


Adventure beckons in the enchanting world of 3 Pandas as three panda brothers find themselves in an unexpected predicament. Captured by ruthless pirates, their tranquil life of munching bamboo leaves is upended. Now, they must ingeniously navigate their way through the pirate ship, the dense jungles of a mysterious island, and evade the tribal people intent on capturing them.

In the first chapter of their saga, join the three brave adventurers in their quest for freedom. Kidnapped and far from home, they (and you) must rely on their wits—and a bit of help from their surroundings—to outsmart their captors and find their way back to the safety of their forest home.

The game unfolds as a series of puzzles, each level presenting a unique challenge that requires not just brains but the special abilities of each panda. The small panda, agile and nimble, can be thrown to reach distant objects. The tall panda, with his impressive reach, aids in dangling from ledges or accessing high points. The big panda, strong and sturdy, serves as a foundation for his brothers to climb and reach elevated areas.

Navigate through this captivating adventure with simple mouse clicks. Interact with various objects in the environment to solve puzzles and progress through the levels. The aim is to guide the pandas to the arrow at the end of each level, marking their successful escape and the beginning of the next exciting chapter.

Start the adventure, unravel the puzzles, and revel in the joy of guiding these endearing pandas back to the safety of their home.

How to Play

Use the left mouse button to do actions and interact with objects.

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