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Most of Jupiter's moons are less than 5 km across.

Of Jupiter's moons discovered so far, 55 of them are less than 5 km in diameter, or about 15.7 km in circumference. Assuming 15 minutes per km, and of course ignoring the effects of gravity (and the fact that there wouldn't be any air) a person could walk around one of these moons in about 235.5 minutes— just under 4 hours.

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247 Mini Golf

Play minigolf at home! Grab your putter and complete all 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. Play with one or two players.

How to Play

Move the mouse to line up the angle of your shot. When you're ready to putt, change the amount of force you put on the ball by moving the putter nearer or closer to it, and then click to putt.


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