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Franky the Fish 2 Thumbnail

Franky the Fish 2

Embark on an exciting underwater adventure alongside your favorite finned-friend, Franky, as he returns from more fishy fun in Franky the Fish 2. Join Franky as he explores the captivating depths of the ocean, encountering a variety of aquatic wonders. Get ready to dive into an immersive world teeming with marine life and thrilling challenges.

As you navigate the underwater realm, your task is to guide Franky on his journey of growth and survival. Encountering schools of fish along the way, Franky relies on his insatiable appetite to thrive. Your role is to help him navigate the waters, ensuring he feasts on smaller fish while evading the larger, more dangerous ones.

Immerse yourself in the vivid and mesmerizing underwater environments that await you. Swim through vibrant coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, and ancient ruins as you unravel the secrets of the deep. Each new location offers its own set of challenges and surprises, keeping you engaged and eager to explore further.

Throughout your adventure, expect to encounter a variety of aquatic creatures, from colorful tropical fish to majestic sea turtles. Witness their natural behaviors and interactions as you observe the intricacies of the marine ecosystem. The underwater world is alive with beauty and wonder, awaiting your discovery.

How to Play

Press the spacebar to make Franky swim up; release it and Franky will automatically start to swim downwards.

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