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0h h1

Martin Kool

Oh, hi! Step into the world of blue-and-red-tiles and put your problem-solving abilities and logic to the test. 0h h1 is a game in the sudoku family, where the goal is to make rows and columns of red and blue squares based on a few rules: 3 of the same color square can never be in a line, all rows and columns have an equal number of red and blue squares, and all rows and columns are different. Sounds puzzling, yikes!

The game features a minimalist aesthetic that makes the game unique. Making use of a dichromatic color scheme that's easy on the eyes, 0h h1 gets straight down to business without any fancy nonsense.

How to Play

Click an empty square with your mouse once to color it red, twice to color it blue, and three times to clear it.

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