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0h h1

Oh, hi there!


Smash together 211!

3 Slices

Slice the shapes!

3 Slices 2

Slice the shapes... again!

4 Differences

Can you find all the differences?

5 Differences

See if you can spot even more differences!


Figure out the technique to swap all the arrows.

Atomic Puzzle 2

Plan ahead to remove the atoms in the right order.


Trigger atomic chain reactions.

Blob Thrower 2

Unite all the blobs in this puzzler.

Bloons 2

This monkey really hates balloons!

Bloons Player Pack 2

Pop some more Bloons with these user-submitted levels.

Bricks Breaking

Clear the screen by breaking bricks of the same color.

Bubble Quod

Solve each level to escape your bubble prison.

Building Blocks

Recreate funky shapes with their building blocks.

Count the Cubes

Figure out how many cubes make up each shape.


Just how good are you at mazes?


Divide each shape into a set amount of pieces.

Fantastic Contraption

Build something fantastic!


Hexagonal Tetris!

Jump Puzzle

Jump as many marbles as possible.

Killer Sudoku

This sudoku variant will blow your mind.

New Splitter Pals

Guide your splitter pals to... get eaten??


Drag the dots and uncross the lines. Simple enough, right?

Pumpkin Remover 3

Get rid of the nasty, rotten pumpkins!

Rain Words

Use pictures to complete these interactive crosswords.

Rainbow Mechanic

Place mirrors so that the prism creates a rainbow.

Ratmaze 2

In ratmaze 2, you're a rat in a maze... again.

Rock Garden

Slide rocks to match them and organize your garden.

Soccer Balls 2

Knock over the refs (not recommended in real life) and score goals.

Steak & Jake

Match the colors to help Steak and Jake deliver the milk.

Steak & Jake Midnight March

Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along the trail this Halloween!

Sticky Ninja Academy

Karate-chop your way as a ninja through this puzzler.


Swap all the tiles to opposite sides.

The World's Hardest Game

The original world's hardest game.

The World's Hardest Game 2

Sincerely the world's hardest game.

Tower of Hanoi

See if you can figure out this puzzle from 1883!

Tricky Rick

Help Rick collect fuel for his ship in this physics puzzler.

Walls Logic

Fill all the empty squares, but pay attention to the markers.

Water Jars

Use a 7 L jar and a 5 L jar to somehow measure out 6 L.

Water Werks

Use your water hose to get your blobs to the exit.

Wolf, Sheep, & Cabbage

Figure out how to cross the river.


Create colorfully big squares!


Match the animals, keep the zoo!