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We're trying to get some mobile games up and running, but unfortunately our flash games don't work on phone or tablet. How about some hilarious science jokes instead?

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Gabriele Cirulli

2048 is a deceptively simple game where your only goal is to create a 2048 tile by combining other, smaller numbered tiles on a grid. The game starts with a handful of low-numbered tiles, and each turn, a new tile is added to the grid.

Each turn, you can slide all of the tiles either up, down, left, or right in order to smash them together or move them to different, more strategic locations. But beware, you can't pick and choose which tiles to move, and sometimes this has unintended consequences! When any two tiles with the same number bang into each other, they merge into a single tile with the sum of the two tiles' numbers. Think ahead and plan strategically!

How to Play

To move the tiles, use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on desktop and your finger to swipe on mobile.

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