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The usefulness of binary code was understood centuries before the invention of the first digital computer.

In 1689, Gottfried Leibniz wrote an article explaining the basics of the binary numeral system and some of its potential uses. Although the idea for a programmable computing device had been put forward by Charles Babbage in the early 18th century, it wasn't until 1941 with Konrad Zuse's invention of the Z3, the first programmable, digital computer, that binary was put to use in computers.

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Wolf, Sheep, & Cabbage

You have a single boat and need to move your wolf, sheep, and cabbage to the opposite side of the stream. You can only fit yourself and one of the three in the boat at a time. The wolf eats the sheep, and the sheep eats the cabbage. How do you do it?


On 22 March 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"i got glitched because you started out with a wolf, sheep, and cabbage then when i got the sheep and cabbage over to the left side of the river and wolf popped into the boat but the wolf was on the right side of the river"

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