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Papa's sushiria



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Papa's sushiria

Slice and serve the most delicious sushi around in Papa's Sushiria! You've started a job at Papa's new restaurant in Sakura Bay, where you'll create a variety of sushi rolls and bubble tea for all of your wacky customers. Unlock and use over 140 ingredients for all sorts of delicious combinations across 12 different holiday seasons.



On 22 March 2020, Andreatheavocado said,
"First of all TURKEY. And second of all what is your rank. Mine is 16."
On 16 March 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"I love this game! It is really fun to make sushi with different types of toppings and ingredients. I hate it when I do a good job and the customer doesn't like it, though!"
On 12 March 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"i love spreading despair by making the wrong sushi"
On 6 March 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"i am in love with this papas game. this is my favorite papas game. nothing can compare to papas sushiria. i play it every day. my favorite character is wally. he is very handsome."
On 13 February 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"I wish that when it cooks, it will be soft or flat right at the green my sister thought it goes to the green but no, it doesn't so can you fix that and have when it gets to the orange its brunt????????"
On 12 February 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"Hello school folks"
On 3 February 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"wow I like a turkey I wonder if I can get everyone to say turkey on here and let it full up"
On 26 January 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"I wish that it did not take as long to load because my took 5-10 minutes and i don't really like that so if you can please change that. THANKS:)"

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