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Mushroom Facts for Kids

Mushroom Facts for Kids

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What Exactly Are Mushrooms?

A mushroom, also sometimes called a toadstool, is the part of a fungus that produces and releases spores, special cells that can grow into a new fungus. Most mushrooms have a stem (stipe), cap (pileus), and gills (lamellae), but some fungi without stems are still said to have mushrooms. Many types of mushrooms are eaten by both humans and animals; however, there are several poisonous mushrooms, so you should never pick and eat wild mushrooms.

Weirdly Wonderful Mushroom Facts for Kids

  • Mushrooms are around 92.5% water by mass. That means that if you fully dry 100 g of mushrooms, you'll only be left with 7.5 g!

  • In the United States, almost half of all mushrooms are grown in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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