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3 Pandas in Brazil Thumbnail

3 Pandas in Brazil


Set off on a sun-soaked adventure in 3 Pandas in Brazil, where your favorite panda trio swaps bamboo forests for the vibrant beaches of Brazil. Initially seeking a leisurely vacation to unwind, their plans take an unexpected turn. A crafty animal trader shatters their dreams of relaxation, much like their toppled sandcastle, by kidnapping them! Fortunately, their knack for escape leads them to a startling realization—they're in Brazil! Dive into this enchanting journey, playing football, donning carnival masks, and exploring the bustling streets of Brazil in a game teeming with diverse and captivating puzzles.

From peril to adventure, the 3 Pandas are no strangers to unforeseen escapades, and "3 Pandas in Brazil" ups the ante with a series of engaging challenges. In this installment of the addictive series, the goal is to solve puzzles across each level. Take charge of the pandas, guiding them through teamwork and interaction with their environment. Each panda boasts unique abilities vital for puzzle-solving: Small Panda can catapult into hard-to-reach spots, Slim Panda clings to ledges to access lower areas, and by forming a tower with Big Panda, new heights are within reach.

How to Play

Use the left mouse button to move the three pandas and explore their surroundings.

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