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The Olympic torch is lit with sunlight.

The ancient Greeks used sunlight to start fires. In honor of this, the Olympic torch is still lit with a special, parabolic, or curved, mirror that focuses sunlight into a beam hot enough to start a fire.

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Papa's cheeseria

Build delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and pile on the fries at Papa's Cheeseria! Customers can choose from a wide variety of breads, cheeses, toppings, and sauces for their sandwiches, and you'll unlock more as you play! Create the gourmet grilled sandwiches, cook them on the grill, and serve them up with a heaping pile of fries. Unlock 40 brand-new unique Special Recipes, and choose one to serve as the Daily Special each day in the restaurant, which also earns you special rewards!


On 25 February 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"i hate that is deleted my progress but it so fun to play love it =)"
On 5 February 2020, Anonymous Primate said,
"Love cheese. Love cheeseria"

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