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Duck Life

Wix Games

Welcome to Duck Life, the most quacktastic duck-themed flash adventure game ever! In this game, you’ll hatch your own duck, feed it, and watch it grow. But this is no ordinary duck. This duck has a dream: to become the best racer in the world! To achieve this dream, you’ll have to train your duck in four skills: running, flying, swimming, and energy. Each skill has its own mini-game where you can practice and level up your duck.

But be careful! The road to victory is not for the faint of heart. Keeping your duck healthy and energetic is crucial as you compete against other ducks. One wrong move can mean the end of your race! Use the arrow keys or mouse clicks to control your duck in each game.

There’s one more key detail worth mentioning for all you duck lovers out there: the more you play and the more races you win, the more you can customize your duck. You can buy different hats, colors, and even new ducks from the shop. You can also feed your duck different seeds to boost its energy or skills.

With 3 levels of non-stop action, each level of Duck Life is more fun and challenging than the last. From running on grass to flying in the sky and swimming in the water, you will face a new challenge with every race. And while skills are a vital component of the game, they’re not the only thing that matters. Players will need to manage their duck’s energy and hunger levels to keep it in top shape. Strategy, not skills, will be the key to success in some races. As you progress through the levels, getting first place will require skill, timing, and strategy.

And don't forget to check out the next two games in the series, Duck Life 2 and Duck Life 3: Evolution.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys during minigames to jump and swim. Click and drag with the left mouse button to fly up or down. Use the mouse to click on menu items and purchase upgrades.

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