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#Physics Experiments

Sink Or Swim?

Use your knowledge of density and buoyancy to cause an egg to float.

#Physics Games

3 Slices

Slice the shapes!

3 Slices 2

Slice the shapes... again!

Bubble Quod

Solve each level to escape your bubble prison.


Bounce your charge ball around the maze and collect the orbs.

Clumsy Bird

Watch out for pipes!

Fantastic Contraption

Build something fantastic!

Heroic Ants

Figure out how to launch your heroic ant as far as possible.

Learn to Fly

Cruise through the sky with your own flying contraption (and rockets, lots of rockets).

Learn to Fly 2

Help your penguin learn to fly... again.

Learn to Fly 3

Can your penguin reach space, the final frontier?

Lever Physics

Use levers to balance all the objects.

Line Rider 2

Draw a line and ride it.

Moto X3M

Race to the finish in this classic bike physics game.

Pumpkin Remover 3

Get rid of the nasty, rotten pumpkins!

Sticky Ninja Academy

Karate-chop your way as a ninja through this puzzler.

Tricky Rick

Help Rick collect fuel for his ship in this physics puzzler.

Water Werks

Use your water hose to get your blobs to the exit.