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<?$gname;?> 0h h1
Oh, hi there!
<?$gname;?> 123Go! Motorcycle Racing
Race your tilty motorbike to the finish!
<?$gname;?> 2048
Smash together 211!
<?$gname;?> 247 Minigolf
Use your knowledge of angles to putt under par.
<?$gname;?> 3 Pandas
Escape the pirates and get back to your bamboo!
<?$gname;?> 3 Pandas in Brazil
There's a good reason pandas don't go on vacation...
<?$gname;?> 3 Slices
Slice the shapes!
<?$gname;?> 3 Slices 2
Slice the shapes... again!
<?$gname;?> 4 Differences
Can you find all the differences?
<?$gname;?> 5 Differences
See if you can spot even more differences!
<?$gname;?> 5 in a Row
5 colors, one row. Simple?
<?$gname;?> Abba the Fox
Help Abba fly his glider to deliver today's mail.
<?$gname;?> Abba's on a Mission
Help Abba the fox deliver even more mail.
<?$gname;?> Above Average Guy
Don't just be special, be above average!
<?$gname;?> Arachnid Falls
Type quickly to keep the spiders away from your ice cream.
<?$gname;?> Arithmetic Game
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide as fast as possible.
<?$gname;?> Arrows
Figure out the technique to swap all the arrows.
<?$gname;?> Atomic Puzzle 2
Plan ahead to remove the atoms in the right order.
<?$gname;?> Atomica
Trigger atomic chain reactions.
<?$gname;?> Aviator Imp
Help your aviator imp fly as far as possible.
<?$gname;?> Balls & Boxes
Three balls, three boxes. How hard can it be?
<?$gname;?> Battleships General Quarters II
You sunk my battleship!
<?$gname;?> Billiards
Play billiards at any time—alone or with a buddy.
<?$gname;?> Blind Spot
See if you can remember the location of each shape.
<?$gname;?> Blob Thrower 2
Unite all the blobs in this puzzler.
<?$gname;?> Blob Wars
Blob your way to victory!
<?$gname;?> Bloons
Grab your darts and start popping!
<?$gname;?> Bloons 2
This monkey really hates balloons!
<?$gname;?> Bloons Player Pack 2
Pop some more Bloons with these user-submitted levels.
<?$gname;?> Bloons Tower Defense
Defend yourself from the evil Bloons army!
<?$gname;?> Bloons Tower Defense 2
Defend yourself from the evil Bloons army... again!
<?$gname;?> Bricks Breaking
Clear the screen by breaking bricks of the same color.
<?$gname;?> Bubble Quod
Solve each level to escape your bubble prison.
<?$gname;?> Building Blocks
Recreate funky shapes with their building blocks.
<?$gname;?> Cake Cafe
Bake custom cakes to satisfy all your bakery's orders.
<?$gname;?> Chargeball
Bounce your charge ball around the maze and collect the orbs.
<?$gname;?> Clumsy Bird
Watch out for pipes!
<?$gname;?> Colour Trap
Choose the color of the text. Sounds easy? Think again.
<?$gname;?> Count the Cubes
Figure out how many cubes make up each shape.
<?$gname;?> Crazyball
It's part basketball, part crazy, and 100% crazyball.
<?$gname;?> Crazymaze
Just how good are you at mazes?
<?$gname;?> Cubefield
Avoid the flying cubes, earn the high score!
<?$gname;?> Cut the Rope
Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom!
<?$gname;?> Divide
Divide each shape into a set amount of pieces.
<?$gname;?> Dolphin Cup
Perform tricks to win the Dolphin Cup.
<?$gname;?> Duck Life
The most quacktastic duck-themed flash adventure game ever
<?$gname;?> Duck Life 2
Are you ready for more duck-tastic adventures?
<?$gname;?> Duck Life 3: Evolution
It's time to evolve some ducks.
<?$gname;?> Duck Life 4
Well, quack, quack, quack, quack.
<?$gname;?> Dupligon
Duplicate the polygons.
<?$gname;?> Fantastic Contraption
Build something fantastic!
<?$gname;?> Fisher
Figure out how to catch as many fish as possible.
<?$gname;?> Franky the Fish
Eat smaller fish, but watch out for the bigger ones!
<?$gname;?> Franky the Fish 2
It's a fish-eat-fish world out there.
<?$gname;?> Glaikitty Fyke
Catch as many fish as possible with your net.
<?$gname;?> Hardest Game
Can you beat the hardest game?
<?$gname;?> Heroic Ants
Figure out how to launch your heroic ant as far as possible.
<?$gname;?> Hextris
Hexagonal Tetris!
<?$gname;?> Jacksmith
Man the forge to protect your buddies from evil monsters.
<?$gname;?> Jump Puzzle
Jump as many marbles as possible.
<?$gname;?> Kaleidoscope Reef
Grow your coral reef and protect it from vile pollution!
<?$gname;?> Killer Sudoku
This sudoku variant will blow your mind.
<?$gname;?> Kings Win
Aim well to sink the opposing king's boat.
<?$gname;?> Learn to Fly
Cruise through the sky with your own flying contraption (and rockets, lots of rockets).
<?$gname;?> Learn to Fly 2
Help your penguin learn to fly... again.
<?$gname;?> Learn to Fly 3
Can your penguin reach space, the final frontier?
<?$gname;?> Lever Physics
Use levers to balance all the objects.
<?$gname;?> Line Rider 2
Draw a line and ride it.
<?$gname;?> Liquid Measure
Don't you dare waste a drop!
<?$gname;?> Mad Mine Truck
Drive through obstacles to transport your cargo.
<?$gname;?> Mansion: Impossible
Become a pretend real estate tycoon.
<?$gname;?> Mini Scientist
Point and click your way to space!
<?$gname;?> Moto X3M
Race to the finish in this classic bike physics game.
<?$gname;?> Mountain Bike
Tilty mountain bike racing awesomeness!
<?$gname;?> New Splitter Pals
Guide your splitter pals to... get eaten??
<?$gname;?> Not to Scale
Objects in puzzle may be larger than they appear!
<?$gname;?> Papa's Bakeria
Help Papa complete orders in his new bakery.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Burgeria
Fill orders as a fry cook in Papa's burger restaurant.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Cheeseria
Keep Papa's grilled cheese shop running smoothly.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Cupcakeria
Bake the best cupcakes in town, all year round!
<?$gname;?> Papa's Donuteria
Use time management skills to help Papa run his Donuteria!
<?$gname;?> Papa's Freezeria
Help manage Papa's sundae shop.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Hotdoggeria
Grill and serve hot dogs and other stadium snacks in Papa's Hot Doggeria!
<?$gname;?> Papa's Pancakeria
Flap some flipjacks... err, flip some flapjacks!
<?$gname;?> Papa's Pastaria
Make pasta and fill orders at Papa's Italian restaurant.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Pizzeria
Make custom pizza pies for Papa's customers.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Scooperia
Serve the best sundaes to keep Papa's customers happy.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Sushiria
Roll out some sushi for Papa's new sushi restaurant.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Taco Mia
Help run Papa's Mexican restaurant.
<?$gname;?> Papa's Wingeria
Sling some tasty wings for Papa's hungry customers.
<?$gname;?> Pattern Memory
Put your short-term memory to the test.
<?$gname;?> Planarity
Drag the dots and uncross the lines. Simple enough, right?
<?$gname;?> Plumber 2
Get ready to plumb... again?
<?$gname;?> Portal: The Flash Version
Portal, flash-ified.
<?$gname;?> Pumpkin Remover 3
Get rid of the nasty, rotten pumpkins!
<?$gname;?> Quick Math
Figure out which math symbol is missing... quickly!
<?$gname;?> Rain Words
Use pictures to complete these interactive crosswords.
<?$gname;?> Rainbow Mechanic
Place mirrors so that the prism creates a rainbow.
<?$gname;?> Ratmaze 2
In ratmaze 2, you're a rat in a maze... again.
<?$gname;?> Rock Garden
Slide rocks to match them and organize your garden.
<?$gname;?> Run
Run little alien buddy, run!
<?$gname;?> Run 2
Run little alien buddy, run!
<?$gname;?> Run 3
Run little alien buddy, run!
<?$gname;?> Screw the Nut
Do what the title says and you'll be fine.
<?$gname;?> Screw the Nut 2
The sequel of Screw the Nut.
<?$gname;?> Shanghai Dynasty
Play some Shanghai style Mahjong.
<?$gname;?> Skydiver
Help your skydiver jump through the clouds.
<?$gname;?> Snake
Eat the food, don't crash into your tail.
<?$gname;?> Soccer Balls 2
Knock over the refs (not recommended in real life) and score goals.
<?$gname;?> Space Invaders
Space Invaders is a classic arcade game from 1978.
<?$gname;?> Spaceman
Fly your spaceman's spaceship through space.
<?$gname;?> SparkChess
Can you beat this powerful chess AI?
<?$gname;?> Sports Heads: Basketball
Play basketball with the Sports Heads.
<?$gname;?> Steak & Jake
Match the colors to help Steak and Jake deliver the milk.
<?$gname;?> Steak & Jake Midnight March
Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along the trail this Halloween!
<?$gname;?> Sticky Ninja Academy
Karate-chop your way as a ninja through this puzzler.
<?$gname;?> Super Mario Flash
Super Mario, flash-ified.
<?$gname;?> Swap
Swap all the tiles to opposite sides.
<?$gname;?> Swipex
Swipe the hexagons!
<?$gname;?> Tetroid 2
Clear rows, earn points!
<?$gname;?> Text Twist
How many words can you find?
<?$gname;?> The Impossible Quiz
Prepare to be stumped.
<?$gname;?> The Stupidity Test
If you can pass this test, you're pretty smart...
<?$gname;?> The World's Hardest Game
The original world's hardest game.
<?$gname;?> The World's Hardest Game 2
Sincerely the world's hardest game.
<?$gname;?> Tower of Hanoi
See if you can figure out this puzzle from 1883!
<?$gname;?> Tricky Rick
Help Rick collect fuel for his ship in this physics puzzler.
<?$gname;?> Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
Beat your friends in ultimate tic tac toe!
<?$gname;?> Walls Logic
Fill all the empty squares, but pay attention to the markers.
<?$gname;?> Water Jars
Use a 7 L jar and a 5 L jar to somehow measure out 6 L.
<?$gname;?> Water Werks
Use your water hose to get your blobs to the exit.
<?$gname;?> Waterworks!
Supply water to your subjects!
<?$gname;?> Wolf, Sheep, & Cabbage
Figure out how to cross the river.
<?$gname;?> Word Candy
Make words, collect (virtual) candy!
<?$gname;?> World Cup Fever
Juggle the soccer ball as many times as possible.
<?$gname;?> Znax
Create colorfully big squares!
<?$gname;?> Zookeeper
Match the animals, keep the zoo!